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About Sue Elizabeth Anne Kent, RN, PNSA

Sue Elizabeth Anne Kent, RN, PNSA, is a remarkable registered nurse who works as Perioperative Nurse Surgeon's Assistant (PNSA) at NorthEast Plastic Surgery in Essendon, Victoria, Australia, a position she assumed in 2009. Sue specializes in pre-operative preparation and education, intra-operative assisting and post-operative management, post-operative education and wound management including scar management, pathology discussion and management in liaison with surgeons, assisting with minor operative procedures performed in practice rooms, assisting clerical staff with list management again with consultation with practice surgeon's, and education to theatre and ward staff at various hospitals where she works.

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Exceptional Registered Nurse, Sue Elizabeth Anne Kent, RN, PNSA, is to be Displayed in the Worldwide Leaders in Healthcare